Open Call – Last Resort at Rubens Castle

This summer a public pavilion will be built by 019 & ConstructLab on the domain of Rubens Castle in Zemst. It is the first iteration of Stories Unfold, a cultural heritage project organised by EventFlanders. The architectural intervention will be situated next to the historical castle. Over the summer and autumn, the pavilion will host a public sociocultural programme to activate the public character of the castle and its domain.

From July 24th to August 4th 2023, ConstructLab will organise Last Resort, a 12-day building festival in which the participants live and work together on-site and around the domain and the new pavilion. They will collectively work with the site and its surroundings and develop several workshop formats ranging from research, (graphic) design, performance and cooking. During the building festival, a group of international and local architects, designers and artists will gather and organise diverse activities together with the participants alongside neighbourhood volunteers and visitors. Thinking about Rubens Castle through the idea of the resort, ConstructLab will critically inhabit the space and research its upcoming touristic function, historical development and its environmental challenges.

Image credits:
Léonard Contramestre
Bert de Backer
Mathilde Gintz