Les Commissaires Anonymes


Les Commissaires Anonymes
Strasbourg, France
Cécile Roche Boutin, curator and designer, and Mathilde Sauzet Mattei, curator and artist, make up Les commissaires anonymes (*The anonymous curators), combining artistic research and action. The research takes different forms including publications, exhibitions, workshops and performances, and is focused on the experiences and representations of a possible collective subjectivity. Involved in art and design networks, Les commissaires anonymes work on issues of individual and collective emancipation, on the role of artistic practices in social and entrepreneurial innovation, on the place of abstract langagues in political thinking, and on the necessity of experimental processes and critical measures in cultural production. In this approach, the curator is envisaged as an author and mediator of language: Cécile Roche Boutin and Mathilde Sauzet Mattei play the role of the interface, practically and theoretically, between the different stakeholders of an artistic project, with political and social dimensions. For each context, they create the conditions for a dialogue in which the presence (or the implication) of art enriches the issues and reactions to a given situation.
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