Sumiti Fedtke

product designer

Sumiti Fedtke
After professionally specializing in fashion and clothing industry as a product researcher and designer, she chose to leave the world of large-scale production to devote herself to craftsmanship and construction of objects unique and “necessary.” She has learned through a path of apprenticeship with the carpenters “old school” where she learned the basics of woodworking. In 2012 she arrived in Milan to work with the ‘craftsman and designer Patrick Hubmann and Esterni cultural association, specializing in projects for the recovery and re-appropriation of urban space and designing the setting up for Milano Film Festival 2014 and 2015. She is actually collaborating with the most important collectives in the sector, including ConstructLab, Bruit du Frigo and Pistoletto’s Città dell’Arte . In parallel she is working on individual projects and coordinates an atelier of wood design and upcycling.
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