Interview with Alex Römer about urban practices
What is urban practice actually ? What is it potential?

Urban Praxis is a field of action that understands the common good-oriented, civic and cooperative development of our cities as a post- and transdisciplinary task. It is located at the intersection of arts, culture, education, social, environmental, and design disciplines such as collaborative space planning, urban development, and architecture. The local socio-spatial context is deeply anchored in the development of experimental practices for a better and self-determined coexistence in the city of tomorrow.

In this video Alex Römer tells more:

Schlesiifunk: Interview mit Alex Römer von der Initiative Urbane Praxis
About the Urbane Praxis Association

In summer 2022 Urbane Praxis e.V. was founded. The association facilitates the continuous exchange between practitioners, administration and politics and thus promotes the sustainable transformation of interdepartmental structures in the fields of urban development and architecture, art and culture, ecology and sustainability, education and social affairs.

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