Workshop: Horizontality is not a value – On the working of collaborative economy

Organizers : Peter Zuiderwijk, Alex Roemer
Collaborator : Godelieve Spaas
Date: 29/10/22
Time: 14.15 – 15.45 CET
Location: The Netherlands, online

Since Constructlab is an international network with many different actors, the prerequisites for the implementation of projects are not always the same. Different preconditions influence the financial possibilities of a project enormously, such as age, skills, talent, how long you’ve been around, where you are in life, cultural background, country, etc.
Dealing with these different aspects of internal and external feasibility and financial viability is an identity-forming process that raises important questions:

How can an international artistic network sustain financially?

What is an economic model without money? (What are the real reasons behind a project, motivations etc.)

How is Constructlab performing collaborative economies in it’s projects?

What happens when agents change roles?

What kind of behavior results in cooperative intelligence?

Even if Constructlab is in its principles a network that operates horizontally and in which opportunities are made as accessible as possible, this does not result in an overall agreement of how to do things and why to do them in a certain way. In our workshop, we aim to establish a common set of values that can form the basis of future discussions about distribution and accessibility. In addition, we want to talk about what is already going well and what positive examples from our past we can learn from. This will be the base of defining a scala that can be used as a working ground for joint future endeavors.

Joining us for this conversation is Godelieve Spaas. She is a researcher, advisor and creator of new ways of entrepreneurial organizing where ecology, society, and the economy all benefit from and interact seamlessly with each other. Her aim is to increase diversity in organizational and entrepreneurial models and realities with a view to the development of a fairer, more sustainable and robust entrepreneurial space.

Are you dealing with similar issues and facing similar challenges in your projects or field of action? Would you like to share your knowledge and experience in this area with us?

Horizontality is not a value – On the working of collaborative economy is part of the Workshop series that flanks the digital symposium On the network and the launch of the new digital networking platform and is supported by the Fond Soziokultur with funds from the Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.


Preparatory Bike Tour


You are very much invited to join the explorative bike tour that will let us see the city of ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL) through the lenses of non-hierarchic assembly lines. We will reflect upon Constructlab’s practice while we visit experimental forms of collaborative economies and production as well as the exhibition ‘Future of Work’ at the Willem Twee Art Space. We will present the discoveries of this bike tour in relation to Constructlab’s practice during the digital workshop.

22th of October from 11:00 to 16:30

e-mail to peter@constructlab.net to register for the bike tour

(max. 20 participants).