Gabriel Lacombe

architect, landscape architect, artist, builder

Gabriel Lacombe
Rivière-du-Loup, Canada
Montréal, Canada
The way we perceive the world we live in is dictated by our comprehension of it; where we are located at a specific moment in time, and our sociocultural background. To be a good designer requires a capacity for emotional and spacio-temporal projection of our own self – while keeping a strong understanding of our surroundings and the world we interact with. Having that in mind Gab tries to focus his approach on the human scale of design, with forms that create emotional and physical responses. In this way, Gab has led his architectural and artistic practice - Atelier MAP - away from conventional thinking. As a landscape architect, an architect, a builder and an installation artist, he joined ConstructLab to add collectivity and community to his design toolkit; to share and enhance his perception of our world.
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