Maria Garcia Perez( aka Maria dilemas)

Architect, Illustrator

Maria Garcia Perez( aka Maria dilemas)
Madrid, Spain
Graduated in architecture from the Escuela of architecture of Madrid (ETSAM), and finished her studies at the University of Art in Berlin. Master in management and mediation of contemporary art at the University of Barcelona (UAB). From the beginning he was interested in the use of public space and collaborative pedagogies around creation processes. Since 2008 she has worked on creation and management projects about dynamics in public space. She was awarded a scholarship for the master's degree in performing and visual arts at the University of Cuenca and the Reina Sofia Museum (MNCARS). These studies led her to approach performative arts in public space as a way of generating knowledge and criticism. Her facet as an illustrator has led her to explore imaginary worlds and to engage in a language that moves from discourse to drawing. 
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