Paredes-Meias, in common parlance, means that two houses share a single wall, dividing the supporting forces between its various pillars. This is the name of the COOPERATIVE we form, whose main motto is to develop socio-cultural projects as a team, be they co-operators, partners or communities.
Dedicated to building diverse proposals and involving a multifaceted team that covers different areas of design and the arts, the cooperative’s driving force is the collective, without hierarchies.
Paredes-Meias allows its members to develop their individual and team work, stimulating professional and human ties, developing current ways of realising knowledge, exploring innovative skills and tools and making them available to all the communities around them.

Paredes-Meias is a project for the city, for the neighbourhood, for the street and for everyone who wants to get to know it. The project’s anchor is Laboratorre, a place of prototyping experimentation during the construction of the São João Bridge, making it a place of excellence for expanding and amplifying questions in a reflection aimed at creating other, more ethical, fair and collective futures. This space is a motherhouse, a place that welcomes people and experiences, which aims to recognise and relate to the surrounding spaces and communities, going beyond the boundaries of its place of intervention.

Being part of the Constructlab network promotes a constant sharing of themes, experiences and methodologies with different contexts and geographies, which contributes to enriching and deepening our own experience.

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