Fabriek Akoestiek
Sounds, tangible and physical in relation to matter and bodies

Fabriek Akoestiek was a one-week-long open laboratory at BROEI (Ghent, BE) aiming to align architecture with acoustics, an experiment to make sounds tangible and physical in relation to matter and bodies.
The architectural intervention involved adding a sound-insulating shell in the core of the industrial building where BROEI is housed.
The acoustic context encompasses the sounds surrounding the building: engines revving at crossroads, birds building nests, raindrops tapping against drainpipes, televisions broadcasting middle eastern news onto the street, police helicopters searching for possible corrupt officers, and dogs barking as if they know no better (they’re trying their best too).

Acoustics were made visual during walks and construction by visually translating found sounds into imagined scores on ticket printer paper using soldering irons.
Acoustics were made physical through body movement exercises at the beginning of each day.
These visual and physical ‘scores’ of acoustics were applied with a pyrograph to the wooden main beam of the isolating space, thus aligning the sound sources with their counterpart: the isolator.
In this manner, ConstructLab attempted to grasp the omnipresent presence of acoustics for one week, only to let them vibrate wildly and freely during the upcoming season in the spaces of BROEI.