How to Build your Classroom
How to Build your Classroom

“How to Build your Classroom” was a three day workshop led by Constructlab that worked with approximately 40 enthusiastic high school participants to create a collaborative outdoor classroom. The furniture created has the potential to turn a public space into a hub of education.

Led by the Constructlab team members Miranda Rigby, Andries de Lange, and Tamim Arab , the group divided into different, task focused groups. The factory production line created a sense of community and common achievement around building, woodworking and painting. The joys of communal cooking of course accompanied the hands-on collaborative creation.

The project also extends beyond the tangible structures that were built in the workshop. It’s about empowering students to see themselves as agents of change in both their school and their city. By actively participating in this initiative, we hope students gained a profound understanding of how they can engage with their built environment and change their own surroundings.

Initiator and Collaborative Partner: Projekt Zukunft Straße with Studio Strassenbau
Projekt Zukunft Straße is a project from the Berlin Senate that aims to transform Böckhstraße in Kreuzberg into a child-friendly street. The project is coordinated by Berlin 21 e.V. and NaturFreunde Berlin e.V. The build programme (construction of an urban classroom and three outdoor nursery spaces) is run by Studio Strassenbau.