Kiosk of Reciprocity
Kiosk of Reciprocity

How can independent sociocultural spaces be sustainable today? What self-organized services can be offered to a neighborhood? What does a “proximity economy” look like? The Kiosk of Reciprocity embodies the solidarity economy. Food and drinks (the “birrette”) contribute to supporting socio-cultural activities. 

The Kiosk of Reciprocity serves as a mobile platform, moving between various socio-cultural hybrid spaces to foster exchange and debate on the solidarity economy and collaborative welfare in Milan. The Kiosk was inaugurated at Stecca 3 during Milan Design Week 2024. It will continue to move and activate a proximity economy in other socio-cultural hybrid spaces and neighborhoods throughout Milan.

At the 2024 Salone del Mobile, the kiosk was part of Stecca3’s Crafting Dialogues program. This program included public meetings, design exhibitions, and installations aimed at sparking conversations about the intersection of handicrafts, stories, and knowledge. 

The Kiosk of Reciprocity is a project developed for Stecca3, Spazio Ibrido Socioculturale.
The Kiosk of Reciprocity is a project developed for Stecca3, Spazio Ibrido Socioculturale by:
Constructlab: Peter Zuiderwijk, Patrik Hubmann, Alex Römer, Karin Mientjes
Temporiuso: Isabella Inti, Giulia Cantaluppi, Francesca Tridello, Ziyi Li
In collaboration with:
BRICHECO falegnameria sociale _ Lidia Pezzoli, Claudio Pignatta
Thanks to:
Cecilia_+bc ciclofficina stecca, lo chef Cesare_restaurant Ratanà and the Hybrid Space Network of Milan.
With the support of:
The Stimuleringsfonds / Creative Industries Fund NL