2nd Messy Kiosk as Kiosk of Solidarity

In the beginning of 2023 our first Messy Kiosk moved from Berlin to Basel and became a central gathering point in the Civic Space of FHNW Art School Basel. Soon it became clear that a lot of local parties in Berlin still had plans for our kiosk.

After it came out of the “Living the City” exhibition the kiosk was made mobile and moved through different parts of the city. While it’s usage and message was continuously changing the Messy Kiosk always functioned as a tiny social node, a dynamic pocket of energy that colors its surroundings.

A space of possibility, a mobile meeting space, a collaborative place of knowledge exchange, a transformative platform, a laboratory for urban practice knowledge

With the funding of Urbane Praxis Projektfonds  a second Messy Kiosk was conceived for Berlin. Having learned from the first kiosk we improved its mobility and the new design was based on the idea of a movable display frame. When the frame is down the signs can easily be exchanged and the frame secures the kiosk, when elevated all signs are seen from afar and by night backlit by a central light source.

Still being clean and pristine our new kiosk is now ready to be activated. This summer our 2nd Messy Kiosk will travel through Berlin as The Kiosk of Solidarity. On its journey, it will constantly transform and intervene in the most diverse contexts: as a space of possibility, as a mobile meeting space, as a collaborative place of knowledge exchange, as a transformative platform or as a laboratory for urban practice knowledge.

On June 1st 2023 we celebrate the first activation of the kiosk on the square next to our workshop on the Dragonerareal, Berlin (with Graphic Design by Bureau Est).

Locations of the Kiosk in the summer of 2023 u.a. Alexanderplatz, Kottbusser Tor, Leopoldplatz, Molkenmarkt, Oranienplatz, Sonnenallee, Washingtonplatz (tbc).

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The Kiosk of Solidarity is a cooperation of Transforming Solidarities and ConstructLab.

  • Curation The program of the Kiosk of Solidarity is developed by Berlin initiatives and curated by Moritz Ahlert (Transforming Solidarities/Habitat Unit – TU Berlin).
  • Architecture ConstructLab: Andries de Lange, Alex Römer, Jan Stricker, Ana Helena Takano, Felix Zahner, Peter Zuiderwijk
  • Graphic Design Bureau Est (Leipzig/Paris): Ondine Pannet, Sebastian A. Schmitt
  • Illustration: Arthur Bonifay (Paris)
  • Photo documentation Monika Keiler
  • Transforming Solidarities – Interdisciplinary team of researchers from HU, FU, TU, Charité Berlin: Moritz Ahlert, Moritz Altenried, Konstantin Atanassow, Asita Behzadi, Mathias Berek, Manuela Bojadzijev, Robin Celikates, Anujah Fernando, Stefan Gosepath, Sabine Hark, Judith Holz, Rahel Jaeggi, Bernd Kasparek, Ulrike Kluge, Hanna Meißner, Philipp Misselwitz, Christian Schmidt, Stefanie Schüler-Springorum, Anna Steigemann, Ronja Wagner, Antonia Welch Guerra, Veronika Zablotsky

This project is in collaboration with Transforming Solidarities as part of the Berlin University Alliance and the Deutsche Architecture Zentrum DAZ .