Unlearning Centre

In March 2019, a team of Constructlab lived and worked in the old bottling hall of the ex-Cardinal brewery; a currently unoccupied space of the innovation park blueFACTORY. Through the process of settling themselves, the group generated functional equipment serving the actions, needs and priorities of the temporary community, such as eating, sleeping, working, cleaning up, discussing, and playing. The settlement evolved, created new patterns and slowly domesticated the wide, cold and empty space. This process of inhabitation is seen as an applied and collective moment of “unlearning”; an opportunity to investigate our habits, to invent specific questions and to speculate on unusual solutions.

The Unlearning Center is a shelter for action and reflection available for local initiatives and wandering actors seeking for a different attitude towards knowledge.

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Jonas Brandt
Isabelle Raeber
Marjorie Collaud (anthropologist)
Martin Schick (cultural manager Blue Factory)