Mascha Fehse


Mascha Fehse
Berlin, Germany
Mascha Fehse deals with questions that concern the public and the common, focusing on spatial encounters, micro-scale collisions, applied experimental approaches and a design discourse that triggers curiosity and leaves room for a variety of perspectives. Central binding elements that recur in her work are social constellations, infrastructural relations, structural connections, sustainable conditions and imaginative associations. She holds a MA architecture from the University of the Arts, Berlin. She has collaborated with the architecture practices constructLab, collective disaster, OnOff, and ya+k Paris. She has worked amongst others on commissions for IBA Thüringen, Bauhaus Archiv Berlin, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Brücke-Museum, Berlin and the city of Genk, Belgium. Material results of her work are a range of collaboratively conducted and socially responsible space productions.
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