Grit Koalick

Together with the new ‘initiators’ (Neue Auftraggeber) of Steinhöfel we made a big step in our now almost two year old ongoing W.O.W project: we spent two weeks on the village greens of Hasenfelde and Heinersdorf screwing, sawing, sewing, cooking and discussing. The result is the “Kistenflitzer”, a mobile and multifunctional meeting place for the villages of the municipality. It is part of our steadily growing W.O.W family. As an electrically assisted bike trailer, it fits on to any bicycle and can cruise easily from one village to the other of the 12 villages that make up the municipality of Steinhöfel in Brandenburg. A modular system of boxes enables limitless possibilities for its use. There is already a sports box, a cinema box, a cocktail bar box, a regional box and a church box.

For the roof design of the mobile meeting place, stories from the villages were collected and woven together with the village chronicles. The result is an eye-catching vehicle that refers to the geography of the area and the coats of arms of the villages in the municipality as well as an object that tackles questions of mobility and transport – a topic that is not only relevant in dense urban settings.

To strengthen a community means to share everyday life: with the “Kistenflitzer” and the workshops, the members of Steinhöfel have created new moments of collective action: whether playing skat at the newly established weekly Dorfanger meeting or building the Kistenflitzer together, there will be many opportunities to engage and growing old as a community in the further course of the project.