Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau

Irrigate the yard using water from the Aveyron River. Recover rainwater. Create a natural air conditioning by evaporation. Playing. Sharing. Learning. Making support structures, pumps and mechanical systems. Discovering and sharing techniques sometimes forgotten. Experimenting, improvising, failing, over and over again, and sometimes succeeding. Understanding our infrastructures. Starting a dialogue. Learning about a territory, our rights and duties towards the environment. The program of the workshop flows with the flow of water, considered as a natural, nutritive, playful and constructive material.

In July 2021, along 9 days, the members of Constructlab with the participants of the collaborative workshop hosted and accompanied by the team of La cuisine have drawn, negotiated and built a narrative machine to question the things that we believe to be natural – like flowing water – but which are not. Water is an effort. Its arrival in the courtyard is a treasure resulting from a series of actions, cycles and links, whose conditions are precise, measured and orchestrated. The new environment that results, in all its fragility, is not however the solution. It is a proposal to be experimented with. It is up to all of us to continue to nourish it.

Image by Juul Prinsen
Atelier Collaborative

In the atelier collaborative, moments of sharing punctuate the constructive moments, and the transmission of knowledge and skills is at the heart of the project. Consisting of members of the Constructlab team members and students and volunteer participants working together with a common goal, the collaborative workshop explores the ways of doing, making and sharing things. The collaborative workshop has an overall red line but is an open process. Its outcome, material as immaterial, is issued from the links and connections made through its development between ideas, people, spaces and ressources. It feeds itself by the encounters and local resources that it identifies while it runs. While the Collaborative Workshop results in tangible built environments shaped by the multiplicity of actors taking part in the process, their form continue to evolve, adapt or be improved to fit the evolving needs of the community.


Sarah Belrhaiti, Gaetan Holm, Fanny Leblond, Marine Evrard, Myrtille Fakhreddine, Bram Even, Ella de Pourque, Giulia Fabro, Dean Weigand, Bartosz Ukarma-Malaga, Jan Stricker, Laetitia Toulout, Mathilde Bernard, Jordan Joie, Amandine Bibet-Cirès, Lola Bappel, Gaby Bohain, Juul Prinsen

And the team of La cuisine, centre d’art et de design 

Marta Jonville, Sylvain Thédon, Rebecca Acosta, Léa Martinent, Vito Caula, Amélie Dechaume, Laura Pannier, Léa Saint Bonnet, Laure Valleix, Mallaury Cantagrel, Pia Maestri, Adèle Delapre-Cosset, Antonine Baron, Frédérique Jacotot, Sophie Baro, Sabine Cano.